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Electric RC Cars RC Car's for Begineer's

So you are looking for a new hobby and are wondering about fast remote control racing cars for kids. You have seen them moving at lightening speeds over various different terrains and your interest is sky high. However is this to be a new toy for yourself or your children? Let us look at a few points of interest.

These tremendous cars are sophisticated pieces of technology so are petrol rc cars but are they really a toy? Toy petrol rc cars are usually powered with the standard AA household battery with scales of 1:32 to 1:16. The grown up version or the rc car will have a size of 1:15 and will be powered by a superior source of energy.

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An RC Car for My Son

Old Car

For my sons sixth birthday he asked for an RC Car. I have to admit I had to look up what RC Cars were but once I realised it stood for remote control car I knew exactly what he meant and my hobby started. I was looking for something new to keep him occupied. Six is a strange age when they are looking for new ways to have fun and when I realised what he was asking for I was delighted. To be honest it was nice to be able to get him something that didn�t involve some kind of computer screen.

I went online and immediately found him a monster truck model which arrived in only a couple of days. You know the kind it was an exact replica of the massive trucks with the huge wheels that drive over normal sized cars and crush them into well a very flat car. We wrapped it up and on his birthday gave him his present.

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